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July 19, 2005

What If Your Guarantee Was Astonishing?

The use of a guarantee as a way to reduce a potential buyer's risk has long been employed by savvy marketing people.

In some circles, a guarantee has become a required aspect of the sales process.

But, what if you did more. What if you created a guarantee that did far more than simply warranty satisfaction or guarantee "risk-free" shopping.

What if you created a guarantee that was astonishing?

What's an astonishing guarantee? It's one that makes you nervous - and that's the point.

If you could create and communicate a guarantee that nobody in your industry would even consider, you would automatically have two very powerful things going for you.

  1. A core marketing message that would differentiate you from your competition
  2. A forced focus on delivering excellence and winning loyal, repeat customers

An astonishing guarantee turns heads - "Try our service for 90 days and if we don't perform exactly as promised we will double your money back."

An astonishing guarantee generates buzz - "They promised what?"

An astonishing guarantee creates a mission - "Okay, troops, there's only one job - happy clients - What needs fixing?"

What could you promise that no one else would dream of? That's the start of an astonishing guarantee.

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Is a guarantee a good idea? My experience is that prospects expect it as a given, just the way they expect you to have a web site. In some cases in can help but in others it can imply that the product or service doesn't stand on its own.

Small business guarantees should be used, but used carefully.


Charlie Cook
Small Business Marketing Expert

P.S. Never heard back from you about scheduling a conversation.

Posted by: Charlie Cook, Small Business Marketing Expert | Jul 25, 2005 7:39:46 AM


Oh, yes. Everyone should include the following guarantee,

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



Posted by: Charlie Cook, Small Business Marketing Expert | Jul 25, 2005 7:43:58 AM

A guarantee naturally goes hand-in-hand with the opportunity to grow business through referrals. After all, unless a client is happy with your services, chances are they won't refer you. So why not be bold and make the full satisfaction guarantee? We want them happy anyway, and this still does cause a business to stand out in the crowd, as 100% satisfaction is not often offered, in my experience.

Posted by: Lori Richardson | Jul 12, 2006 11:43:32 AM

In the bed and breakfast business I'd hate giving the 100% guarantee because even when they are satisfied we get the scammers who are just looking for a way to get money back. We always get excellent reviews but somehow it seems once they can get money back they find something to complain about. One lady was not 100% satisfied because we didn't have goats milk on our menu ... if she had requested it ahead of time we would have had it. In fact, we drove an hour to get it for her. Most people aren't like that but for a mom and pop business it sure makes us nervous. I guess the key would be what to do if the person wasn't 100% satisfied. The compensation does not necessarily have to be cash.

Posted by: sherry | Oct 5, 2006 1:04:14 PM

I'm just listening to the course. I need to tell others about it. This guarantee intrigues me. It's the how?

What about this as an art gallery?

If in 30 days you want to return the art work, I will take the art back and buy the customer an artwork for the same price from any gallery in my market area.

Problem: I've already paid the artist 50% so I now am out that money and I have to sell the artwork again.

So is this guarantee applicable to me?

How about: take it home for 30 days for free with credit card deposit (I pay the artist after 30 days, so I'm more protected)?

Any ideas on how this could apply to a consignment business selling luxury goods?

My question is how to get REALTORS(R) to refer any of the above business. 30 day free trial in new home? It looks like a gift from the REALTOR(R) at closing.

I think this might not apply to me. I like the idea.

Posted by: Matt McDermott | Jul 5, 2007 10:23:29 PM

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