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July 16, 2005

Laserfit, an Austrualian men's customer tailor and Referral Flood owner, had this to say recently about generating referrals.

"As yet I have not got my system together but I have started by setting the expectation that our customers refer us to their friends and colleagues if they are happy. If they agree, we offer them a bonus on their first purchase. I have been really surprised at how enthusiastic these customers become when they have 'skin in the game.' "

Laserfit is doing some pretty creative marketing, including using a blog that allows clients and prospects to see what they are up to in the world of marketing. What I really want to emphasize though, is the comment about enthusiastic customers. One of the great motivators of all human beings is winning, or at least attempting to win. If you can create a referral system, or really any marketing offer, that allows people to see themselves playing and winning a game, they may become motivated beyond your wildest expectations.

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