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June 25, 2005

How Will You Know When To Refer Me

Quite often your referral sources don't get asked the perfect referral question.

In other words, people don't always come right out and say, "I don't think I am getting the performance on my investments that I should, do you know a good financial advisor."

If they did that, and you were a great financial advisor, referring you would be a piece of cake.

A cry for help is usually more cryptic than that, so you've got to train your referral sources to look for the clues you've grown to hear.

A prospect says, "Oh, I don't need to worry about estate taxes, all I have is retirement assets and insurance." Now, you know that this is a great selling clue because insurance proceeds go into the estate and maybe the estate taxes.

So create a sheet you call - "Think of us when a friend or associate says:" - Then make up a list of the big triggers you know about. Things like events, lifestyle changes, money matters - whatever makes sense for you business. You know you've heard them a million times.

In my business, if I find a prospective business that is doing well, but admits that they "want to take it to the next level" I am pretty certain they are ready to listen to what I can do for them.

Just play back some of the conversations you've had with clients or think back to the networking events where you've been on the lookout for selling conversations and put those clues down on paper for your referral sources.

Hey, by the way, I just released a digital version of Referral Flood that is available for immediate download and comes with a little smaller price tag than the printed version

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